Specialist Manager Research & Selection


Utilising our manager research platform, we deliver advice which ensures that the managers’ interests are aligned with those of our clients. We focus on outcome-based mandates, ensuring that we construct portfolios which meet the scheme’s objectives.
We look for innovation and make no distinction across asset classes; most important to us is that a manager can add value over a long term investment horizon. We look where other consultants do not. We go everywhere and anywhere and are not afraid to stand out from the crowd when it comes to supporting new talent that can deliver the desired results.
What distinguishes our manager research capabilities from competitors’ are the proprietary models we have developed. These help us to focus our research and identify genuinely talented investment managers that can add value. We also utilise well-known industry tools such as CAMRADATA.
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“We went through a robust selection process and appointed DWA for its depth of experience in manager selection. Their focus is on providing an innovative, rigorous and pragmatic strategy and manager selection service to their clients and this is what we felt set them apart from other consultancies. Although we are early in the relationship we are very pleased with the level of service provided. The team have been extremely collaborative and responsive and able to deliver exactly what we need.”
Karen Watkin, CFA, Portfolio Manager, AllianceBernstein Limited.